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Sorry folks - I didn't mean to vanish for so long here.  It's been kind of a mad sprint to get things polished and ready for release, but I think I've gotten to pretty much all you guys have reported here and through the feedback channels.  Thank you!

So yeah, unfortunately, there was no way for me to fix those on beta who were in the bugged state - we were too close to pulling the data for Live, and providing a beta fix would have busted it on Live.  There wasn't a way around that, and I'm sorry about that.

However, I may be jumping on beta over the next couple of days when I can, so if you see me, just ping me and I'll see if I can advance your quest past that point.  Bear in mind, however, that you'll still be broken in other areas, since this same predicate exists across NPCs throughout the series.  Again, this shouldn't be an issue on Live, but because we opened up both the Eidolon and Obol lines to get enough testing, this situation was made possible.

But again, thanks for all of your feedback and reports!  You guys helped out a ton!  SMILEY

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