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we dont have a single templar in raid any more, our MT templar betrayed.

thats not to say the templars dont offer some incredible buffs or heals, but that the minor losses you get from losing a templar are easily made up with what you grain from a INQ.

my cleric is still a templar - but I am not sure why. I have 4 healers, all in rygoor armor or better. 2 druids, 1 shaman, 1 cleric. my templar is without a doubt a very powerful healer, but what I find is, DPS is more important lately then heals, most fights have simple complicated scripts, and low to moderate amounts of damage, so unless you have a true paper tank, the templar feels like overkill.

with how complicated these scripts on mobs are becoming, anything thats killing some mob faster, seems better.

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