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Tigerr wrote:

First of all, look at the itemization between SS + Drunder HM ( revamp). I don't think they will add 3 levels and make EVERYTHING under obsolete. They said that PoW will still be current. I really doubt that they would make the same mistake that they made with Skyshrine and give us level increase invalidating alot of gear/content while not having enough content for us to play in. There is still Drunder HM + PoW for people to play in, they wont risk upping the level cap with 2ish crappy raid zones while making everything else worthless. The level 95 gear will probably be close or + Drunder HM + PoW. I think they learned their lesson with Skyshrine.

Look at what happened with Skyshrine... Everyone got to 92, cleared the Expac ( minus 2-3 HM mobs in SS) in literally 3 days. Then they had NOTHING to do because Kael was obsolete etc. They either better have an AMAZING loot progression where it does NOT make older stuff obsolete or, they better have sooo much content for us at 95, that they can AFFORD to make stuff obsolete. I'm going with choice number 1.

Tigerr I have my doubts. I don't even think EQ2's developer staff have someone incharge of itemization anymore. It's probably all done by computer with someone coming to check on stuff here and then. Here's the thing though, SS group gear ranged from 130-160 in terms of stats. What would it increase to if the level range was increased to level 95? SS EM gear is 170-180, with Drunder HM 180-200, and PoW 200-210. Where would you place the CoE group gear and its raid gear then? That plus the Sleeper Tombs gear coming out...

I honestly won't be surprised if this comes out in a smoldering mess when they release CoE.

LU2012: Valve has bought SoE. EQ2 has been renamed FortressQuest 2 with Freeport and Qeynos respectively becoming Blu and RED base.

Added Raid Zone:

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