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One reason could be that Sleepers Tomb was suppose to be release with Skyshrine, but had resources pulled to finish SOEmote before E3.  Now with the Skyshrine raid content being cleared in by many guilds in a single night session, if forces them into poorly itemized level 90 (Hard mode) content, which is technically a step backwards.

All we know for sure it that gear itemization will be a freakn mess between now and January.

I doubt SOEmote had anything to do with Sleeper's Tomb.  They simply don't have a large enough developement staff to adequately produce content for this game in a timely manner.  Combine that with the inconsistent leadership in place ever since Hartsman left and you get the mess we have now.  Undermanned without a clear sense of direction.

Im certin that we're progression just fine down the path SJ has laid out and still manages daily.  The whole correlation between Sleepers Tomb and SOEmote WAS the available resources and that E3 was more important, becasue it goes to the industry, than Skyshrine, becasue it only goes out to the players.

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