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The hope that Velious will be great is the only thing that keeps me playing, that and the 5 close friends in my guild.  It is so disappointing to have no information on it other than the short video launched at fan fare. 

What about itemization?  SF was so screwed up after launch and I fear that Velious will be in the same boat. 

I really have no desire to just level up another 50 AA's and farm for more raid gear on a laggy server with a dwindling population.  It's really getting old.

Will I purchase Velious?  Yes.  Will I be disappointed?  Probably.  Velious in EQ1 was the best experience I ever had in any MMO and the expectations are so high I sincerely doubt this crippled dev team could ever live up to them. 

I hate to say it but Rift is looking very good right now.


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