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Amnerys wrote:

I'm not Marketing, but I go to a lot of meetings with our Marketing team. Here's what I can tell you about Velious and what I believe about marketing it.

Cataclysm launches in a couple of weeks. Until then, WoW has bought up most of the ad space in the places we'd also advertise, and it would honestly be a giant waste of money to even try to advertise at the same time. Everyone's brain is on Cataclysm, so I think we'd do best to wait until it launches and their campaign is cooling off. It'd be like trying to advertise Halloween costumes in April, while everyone's excited about Easter. Sure, a few people might notice, but you wouldn't get a good return on your investment.

Also, it doesn't always pay in this day and age to start advertising too soon. We're still over 3 months from launch. The team is still working on content. Once things are nailed down and locked in, we'll have the best screenshots to work with, finalized information to share, etc. As soon as the team and Marketing and PR feel like we've got the best images and info, they'll start sharing it, don't worry.

If we see some advertising post Cataclysm launch I will revise my opinion on SOE marketing, I mean on TV, Hulu as well as insider rescources such as game magazines.

A lot of people I talk to on IRC are surprised that Everquest II is even still around, and that's only if they have heard of it at all.

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