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A few things seem to hold back new players that don't have in game friends or a good guild to back them up. Here are some things I suggest any new player to look at if they are having a lot of trouble soloing things.

1) Your gear choices can make a big difference. I don't know how all the newbie quest gear is, but I know at least some of it lacks stamina. Swapping out gear for gear that has stamina, even if it doesn't have your main stat makes a big difference at lower levels.

2) Upgrade your spells to at least journeyman. Adept or better is optimal (depending on your sub level) That can make a difference, particularly in resists for wiggly finger mage classes.

3) Check your aa's. For a low level wizard, I would highly recommend getting the full 10 points in the aa that gives you a regenerating ward on your magi's shielding. That greatly improves your survivablity.

4) Make sure you aren't trying to solo heriocs. Even green heroics can be challenging when you aren't geared for it, especially if you aren't good at AOEing and are a squishy class. While most classes can do it with alright gear if the player behind the character is experienced, it can be pretty challenging & frustrating for a new player to do the same, ESPECIALLY if you haven't got the gear & spell upgrades.

5) Don't necessarily worry about filling up a group to do something. While a full group can be really fun, the challenge you get from doing things in a duo/small group/non-optimal group situation can be even better. I've been playing since release and some of my best memories have been from duoing & trioing things as well as running difficult content with non-optimal groups. Run with what you can get. There might be things you won't be able to do, but there is no reason not to try.

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