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Suppler wrote:

I'm toying with the idea of deactivating my regular subscription EQ2 gold account.

I'm just wondering if all my legendary+ gear will be stripped off all my characters, since technically the account would not be deactivated, but fall to bronze status (or whatever the free/free is called). It is not my intention to use my account while it's in the status. When I decide to play again, I will bring it back to regular subscription.

From what i understand all gear will pop off into inventory when you are downgraded to silver the first time you log on.  if you go back to gold you can just upt it all back on, or play at silver by buying 'unlockers' at 1.50 for 5 or something. 

if you do nothing til u go back gold its exactly the same as letting the sub lapse as before, nothing happens.

I can tell you more in a week when 4 of my 5 accounts lapse to silver.


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