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Raahl wrote:

Show me different in the supplied parses where the disparity lies.  The parses show a serious disparity in the number of swings between the two bard classes.   Finding a way to bring the troubadors swing count up would bring them 90% of the way towards removing the disparity and bringing DPS up to that of the Dirges.

The swing disparty is very close to what you would expect from a 4 second and 6 second weapon disparity. If you can see that then look at the max, min and average hit and you will see the exact impact of the dirge mythical buff as compared to the troubador one. The dirge average hit is 10% harder than the Troubador even though the Troubador is using slower, harder hitting weapons.

Also, the parses you pulled up form somewhere show a Troubador that is using a huge god ability to increase their VC and that has more group provided procs than the dirge parse shows so the actual individual DPS is even further skewed than you show. Those parses are from some unknown place and it doesn't even look like a reasonable comparision. The Troubadors raid killed that named 20% faster so I assume they had a significant gear advanatge while doing less DPS.

In the end I could care less where DPS is coming from. The two bards should be similar. I actually think the Troubador provides a bigger dps increase for their mage group than a dirge does for a melee group (but that is my opinion) so I wouldn't have an issue with a slight disparity but the reported 1.5-2 times is not acceptable. Once people get their reuse back up again the effective gap will widen again since UT and J-Cap will be less effective.

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