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[email protected] wrote:One last thing though, and I think this should apply to all classes. Auto attack should go through CA's without having to worry about timing. Alot of classes are far more hindered by having to time alot more.

Nobody has to Time Anything.   One of the biggest common themes amongst rangers that complain about dps is this thinking that they have to time their CA's around their Autoattack.  This DOES NOT WORK.  Nobody I know of that can pull real numbers that I've seen does this of any class. 

 I've said this in a couple other threads but I'll say it again.  You do need to be smart and not stack too many long casting time CA's together but most of our CA's after the Agility AA cast at .3 seconds and if your grouped with a troub it'll be .25 seconds.    Between Every CA there is a .5 second cooldown time. (there are things that will reduce this time but they aren't readily available to rangers).  Autoattacks go off during the cooldown time.  Rangers don't do 50% or more of our damage from Autoattack.  Autoattack should be 30-35% premythical and about 40% post mythical.  Procs account for another 25 to 35% leaving CA's weighted almost the same as Autoattack when you aslo factor in that CA's are causing some of those procs too.  If your doing 50%+ of your damage from autoattack you aren't using enough CA's probably because you are letting 1 to 2 seconds go by every Autoattack delay waiting on your ACT to register the autattack (which can have up to a 1 second delay sometimes depending on how bogged down your computer is) and then waiting on your own reaction time to hear the ding and then click a CA.  (which again is probably no less that .5 seconds if not more than 1 full second). 

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