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I just checked the broker sun. and when I checked now I bought 5 new items,4 of which wern't on there Sun. Thanx again guys and sorry for the misunderstanding. I just did a little shopping and managed to get my str up to 719 without the str potion while keeping my RC at 42%. Also another 27 str when str ring goes off. Also was able to add another 105 CA damage. Ranged double is a lame 14% but thats up 4 from what it was. I could get Str another 10 higher but it would cost me 2 RC thought that probly wasn't worth it. I should be around the 900 level str wise most raids if I get any buffs at all when I use the str potion.One more question, after the change in conservastion, is it worth dumping it and picking up perfectionist instead? I tried that build out a month or so ago but my dps went down but that was before the conservastion change.Bah one more even though I think I know the answer I just hate giving it up. I have the coiled steel shoulder gaurds with no str and +5 ranged crit. should I use the Incarnadine melodic mantle with 30 st and +45 CA damage over it? All the time,never or when my str is a little low in the raid? When i don't use it it drops my RC to 37%Just added another 30 str and 135 CA damge at the cost of 5 RC and 2 fabeled and one legendary peices of armour.Thanx again.
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