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I've petitioned so many people I see AFK xp'ing throughout all my years of EQ2. They're quite easy to spot.

Lately i've been seeing full boxed groups on freeport server with a couple pet classes, and the character spread out just enough to cover multiple Mob spawn points, and for the pets to still auto attack the mobs. Clever... 1 pet class here, 1 pet class there, the other 4 all standing inside of eachother.

Quite frankly, all these toons I /petition, i also /friend. I haven't seen any of them log in since. 

Anyone who AFK's to grind experience with pets/mercs, and think's it not wrong, or considered an exploit, deserves to be suspended/banned. Specially blatantly doing it in an open zone for everyone to see.

Besides... this game is easy enough as is, do you really suck that bad, or are that lazy, that you need to AFK xp?

Playing your actual toon, and killing stuff while you are there, but not looting chests? Nothing wrong with that at all.


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