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Ya. I was gonna pick up some writs on my Necro who dinged 91 after my last writ run. Then get message there's none available anymore for adventure writs. What idiot forgot to code the Guild Hall adventure writ givers to keep giving adventure writs for SF and DoV zones at the least?

I should not have to chronomage to 90 in order to do writs to level my Guild. I spent a lot of status and plat to get a Guild Hall Adventure writ giver and now because I level past 90 I can't use it without chronomaging? I really can't wait until Guild Wars 2 comes out because of stupidity like this from your programmers.

__________________'s just an update for the patch to fix the nerf that nerfed the fix for the update of the patch that broke the fix that was fixed on the previous nerf they called an update...

Friends don't let friends ask for another classes nerf.
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