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sirmorte wrote:

Thanks for the response,but I was thinking about soloing. Many times mobs are "linked" together. Thus, if  you kill or pull one mob you get between 2-4 coming after you. How do assassins deal with this? Do they invis and kill each individually? Do they mez the adds? Do they just fight it out with good dps? Do they run? What happens?

assassins are terrible solo.   i had to actually level mine back in the kos days before mercs and when i only had one account so i couldn't power level.  it was painful.

  it's not as bad now since most overland mobs are solo con (heroic for most part back when) and have lots of quest to stay busy and keep progressing on but you're not going to feel like a powerful character until you start grouping post 80 imo.   before that the assassin class is pretty bland, it's fatal follow up that makes it fun, for myself anyway.

 if this is your first toon and you want a scout i might go swash or brig to make solo easier on you or maybe even beastlord.   if you're not stuck on scout then maybe a brawler or sk they're solo well or even a summoner.

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