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Tried it some yesterday so some thoughts:

1st named was a 26min kill on think 2nd pull (so yea the time limit clearly isnt working), very slow fight with the strat in the works and we had the mobs too close to each other/ppl didnt pay mind to add pop locking (which alone prolly takes 10min off the kill time). The adds 'memblur' is really really annoying but manageable once you do figure out how it worked, seems to basically require 3 tanks to manage it, we had pally + SK on one the named adds want to and they just played ping pong with that lot (since there was a clear logic to which adds you get and how, thankful for that). Not the most fun fight for tanks but should be much shorter and not too bad with add and targetlock controlled more. Liked it but 14min limit sounds sorta harsh, altho its prolly more then enough once ppls dps and strat is more ironed out.

2nd named was a sorta clean kill on 2nd pull, figured the first port part out after wiping to it and the change of tactics seemed to be logical. Was slow on the 2nd clones and it got think 15 stacks and that made the last parts AE just brutal, but still died with some trickles of pwr keeping ppl alive. So yea, can see the 2nd bit is a dps check to stay alive on the AE bit. Good fight overall imo.

Didnt have time to pull last, will see on weds if we go back.

Random notes:
- Any chance we could get some sorta notice on fights with time limits? or a bit of a more narrative text when failing to do it fast enough?
- Chanters are now really really annoying with mimicry (does it not apply hate reducers to that damage?)
- scouts dps just looked sad (might be gear and new fights but they are falling behind even the chanters now)
- can pally amends be made castable on raid target? =P
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