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2nd Named - Jessip Daggerheart
1st part of fight, I like. Communication needed etc, win.
2nd Part of fight, adds - Alright
3rd Part of fight, AoE starts ticking far too hard to be manageable. With the beta buff we had 10k resists higher than the reccomended level, and 300k hp more than the reccomended level, and after roughly 10 mins of combat, the named is at 30% HP and starts just one shotting people without Wards/DR. If you die at this stage, you instantly just die to AoE when you get back up again. It may well be we did the fight wrong, but when the named gets the Brute Force buff, it just became totally unmanageable.
Overall I like the fight, just thinking the AoE needs toning down a tad, or more time allowance.
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