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*I* think it's fun. The sig lines for adventure and tradeskill aren't horrendously long and don't have prerequisites, other than you need to be level 110.

So far as I have discovered, there are no contested dungeons, but there are five overland zones, each of which has a handful of 118^^ heroic mobs, plus at least one 118^^^ X3 Epic. The overland zones also have public quests, and I haven't caught one yet so I dunno how those work. There are plenty of solo and heroic instances, and the heroics can get quite challenging, so you can die all you want.

But no need to ask US. You're in Beta, get out there and try it for yourself!

The gear does not change your mount appearance (what a nightmare that would be, trying to get gear that would work on everything from a sokokar to a reindeer to a horse etc.). Rather, now you can train your mount just like training a mercenary, and as it levels up you can use saddle, reins, hackamore, and barding.

Certain quests/achievements appear to open more barding slots, and I've been getting the occasional drop of Student-quality (handcrafted equivalent) mount gear patterns in the solo and overland zones.

I'm guessing that the heroics and raids drop more powerful mount gear patterns.
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