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Draylore wrote:

What i find amazing in all this is that there are still so many "leet toons" that still need all this AA.

250 is so easy to get even doing it normally without any mass grind sessions...../shrug.

They had to have been PL newb level 90 alts with like 100 AAs or something and if they do it like I have in the past, then they were not even looking at tells or chat or anything.


I have been playing literally since launch day.  I have 3 level 90 chars, and none of them are at 250.  Neither are any of my other alts.  It may be easy for some, but those of us that are altaholics tend not to get to 250 quite as easily.  Its a choice, don't get me wrong, its a choice I made.  But don't assume your playstyle is everyone's.

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