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HaohmaruEQ2 wrote:

Sizing is a little tricky -

As to your original question Armous - doors are at a minimum 2meters by 3meters high in EQ2. This would feel like a single doorway in Qeynos. I'd advise making it a little larger than that for many of the points above and as a good middle ground for player scaling. Windows are about as inconsistent as it gets in EQ2, but a fair size would be 2meters by 2meters (with a frame size of your choosing) and larger from there.

If you want the absolute size (initial) for the tall divider, I will gladly get you that info! I'll follow up Friday

Thanks for your informative reply.  I appreciate your time and effort in helping me/us.  I guess more than dimensions, I'm interested in aspect ratios so that when an item is scaled, the aspect ratio is correct for use with a pre-existing items, like a door for instance.

So, I as I understand it, a door's aspect ratio  (width by height by depth) is 1 wide by 1.5 high by ? thickness (2 meters by 3 meters) and a window opening in a divider panel might be 1 by 1 aspect ration or square.  Since there are no see through windows available, I'd just make the window opening in the divider look like a window so you could see beyond the opening.  

It would be helpful to know the aspect ratio of the divider(s) (and tiles) including thickness.

Thanks again for your help.  BTW, I appreciate the information about fidelity.  I think this information is helpful to everyone when applying textures to the unwarped mesh.

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