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Ross raised an eyebrow at the raised voices.  She pushed Ziqua in front of her gently and into the office.  Inside she found the cot still out and shut the door before setting about putting it away.  "Have you two had anything to eat yet?"

Sylvie sighed.  "Really now, will the two of you calm down?  You're fighting like cats and dogs."  She snapped her mouth shut as soon as the phrase left her lips.

Captain Alderman shook his head.  "Alright now, you,"  He turned to Tygarr.  "Find a place to sit down.  And you,"  He turned to Vhyrenia.  "What business brings you to the Qeynos Guard today?"

Herrigan found two horses and a caged wagon in the Guardhouse's sideyard.  He opened the lock on the wagon and nodded.  "Can you get the horses ready, Miss. Grayhaze?"

Norna nodded.  "Sure!"  She soon had the horses ready and hitched to the wagon.


Bella's fingers twitched and colorful, entrancing lights filled the kitchen.  She hoped this would keep the Teir'dal occupied while she looked up the spell in her pocketbook.

Rothgut nodded.  "You's has missed your chance for the Dance of the Ancients, buts is other sacred dances you's will needs to knows." He frowned and ignored the 'lovebird' comment.  The wound from his loss of Lacepaw still bled and he doubted that it would ever heal until he met her in the Ethernere to await the call of Beleska.

Aloysiius gasped.  "Ah!  I know just the story now!"  He turned bright brown eyes to the children's eager faces.  "The Froglok and the Ogre."


Toska nodded.  "I's wills goes gets hims nows."  Before anyone could say a thing she turned and ran to the front door, opening and shutting it quickly.

Llew opened her mouth to offer Alyerra some tea to calm her nerves, but then remembered her reaction to food and thought better of it. 


Padparadisch rolled his eyes again.  "My people's traditions are usually to hate everyone and everything."  He growled.

Del shook her head.  "A proper ray o' sunshine yer are!  Alright, permission granted ter th' both o' yer!  Let's go!"  She walked the length of the dock.


'We'll be needin' all th' 'elp we kin get to take care o' this.  Tha' means we need ter be in top form.  Git some rest, youngun'.'

-All puns intended.

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