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Well since you went there Annunaki, I will add a few things broken on summoners/conjuror.

1. Flameshield and Sacrifice are useless since they don't do any crit damage, they hit or heal for almost nothing. I agree Flameshield needs to have a hate transfer on it, and Elem Tox de-threat is useless this needs to be changed to 2 position hate drop.
2. Shadowstep for both summoners is useless, since we have to spend AA points into it, can we at least have it proc its damage regardless of which pet your using and regardless of whether or not it ports the pet your using. Shadowstep doesn't hit for much damage anyway but 90% of the time you cast the spell it does NO damage.

3. Both summoner healer pets are still completely useless and the healers need to also crit to make them ever useable.

4. Conjuror left prestige side has always been the most useless line that any mage ever got, just ridiculous. Left side reduces our damage so harshly, the small group or raid utility is never worth it.

5. Conjuror stoneskins recast timers are way too long to be of any help to anyone, the damage they absorb is gone after 10 seconds from the mob pull and then we have to wait minutes to get anything back. Also our stoneskins absorb any little hit because they say they will absorb any hit greater than 10% of our max health, they need to be changed to, will absorb any hit greater than 30% or 40% of max health to be useful and not gone immediately after tank pulls. Conjuror good until cancelled group stoneskin buff, Runes of Geomancy protects only from physical damage. Years ago this was great (or if conjurors were ever in main tank raid group, but were not, so its useless) but now that most damage the mage group gets hit with is magic damage, this should be change to absorbs all damage or change the physical damage to magic damage to make it useful.

6. The buff package that's on the conjuror scout pet is useless, just horrible. For the necromancer scout pet you put the 30% de-hate group buff on the wrong pet, it should be on the mage pet. First Its very rare for any tank to lose agro on a single target fight where you would be using the scout pet. Even weak under geared tanks have no problem holding hate on single targets. Where the de-hate buff really needs to be is on the mage pet on large encounter or aoe pull fights, this is where all tanks have the most problems holding hate or agro. The necromancer scout buff really needs to be given to the necro/conj mage pets.
7. Conjuror Winds of Velious needs the recast time of the spell to really be 6 seconds if you going to tie our interrupt to the spell. Your attempt to fix this by adding Interrupt to Earthqwake with a 1 sec cast timer, has been a complete failure, its not useable.
8. Conjuror pets and yes even the scout pet who has a group buff with in combat health and power regen, doesn't regenerate health or power when in combat its broken.
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