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For starters, yes, give the option of getting gear with pure mod on it. There are too many blue stats on the new gear which effectively reduces the reforge potential for gear. On the chest and legs ideally, but having another option for all would be useful.

To help with AE on summoners, reduce the reuse time on ETox to 60 seconds base and return the damage back to the level it was when it was introduced on Beta before everyone cried and got it nerfed. That's really all I can think about without asking for a % increase to our AE spells.

Aside from that point, Conjurors are not "working fine." They are broken, and have been for some time. They made a good deal of changes in AoM that were a step in the right direction, but in order to compete with the massive boost scouts are getting, Conjurers need to be *fixed*. I am only asking for a *fix* to the abilities that we already have that have been outdated for ages.

Since Final Ability Damage is a thing now, I think Plane Shift should be reworked (again.) Make it give, say, 25% Final Ability Damage to the pet for the duration. Or go with 30-50% base potency for the pet for the duration. This is a spell on a 5 min (modified) recast and is supposed to be class defining, make it worthwhile.

Pet stances need a complete rework. Both of them still give or take away Auto-Attack stats like those are supposed to make a difference for a pet, but it was explicitly stated that pets should not have an auto attack that is significant (thus why those stats don't share.) On the GM offensive stance for Conjurers, the pet gets 8.7% Potency, change that value to base potency at a minimum. For defensive stance, increase the ward size and give a damage reduction. There should be no reason that most of us use a level 14 GM Defensive pet stance in a raid setting since the max health % gain for it > 8.7% potency the level 98 offensive stance gives us.

While we are on that thought, there are still AA's that grant weapon auto attack increases for the pet, while including a minimum increase to something useful (pot/CB). Ideally, they should be reworked to give an appropriate amount of useful stat while removing the auto attack stat increase.

Flameshield is useless, and at times can create aggro problems in non-ideal situations (kinda like ward aggro.) For what reward? Terrible damage? It really needs to be changed. The endline leftside prestige adds 7.5% hate transfer to the target. I think this should be flat out added to flameshield. No one specs left side, and that endline can be changed to something else, or it can just add 7.5% to the 7.5% that would already be on it (giving 15%.)

Fire Seed is another spell that needs to be looked at. I think this should be changed to be like ETox used to be, where it procs on every hit for a duration for the group. The damage and duration just need to be balanced so that it is in line with the group proc spells that other T1 Mages get (like Frigid Gift or Curse of Darkness.) I don't think this will cause the lag issues that ETox did, since ETox had a lot more parts to it.

Shards (or Hearts for Necro) need a serious revamp. I don't have any good suggestions for this, but this is one of our "utility" that is completely outdated. I can't remember the last time I cast shards. Maybe some other summoner has a suggestion.

Scout pet Buffs unbalanced and outdated. I detailed the issue in this thread -

Communion is broken on linked encounters. I detailed the issue in this thread -

Finally, pets need to get more stat sharing. I would like, at a minimum, the addition of % max health increase and casting skill, e.g. disruption.

Some of these are the same issues that were brought up by many from the AoM beta forums, and a few have been mentioned for a few years running now. Some things got changed (thank you for that) but with things getting so out of balance in ToT, a lot of these changes are *needed* to keep the class viable. A lot of the suggestions above may not be balanced as a sum, but I'm sure they can be balanced. Most of those changes are also limited to Conjurers; Necros need a lot of work too, I just don't know enough about the class to speak for them.
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