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The point of this post is to try to give a short consolidated list as to what the 4 T1 Mage classes really need changed, based on what we see in Beta.

Gear: We want "pure mod" options on armor. "hybrid mod" options cause our ability-based-classes to not get as much mod as we need to compete with scouts. 4-5 armor pieces should have options that have Potency/Crit Bonus/Abil Mod as the only 3 stats, to allow us spec our gear and stats appropriately.


A) Summoners: Need some slight improvements on AOE dps to avoid being nearly irrelevant on these fights. In addition, need some improvements on single target dps as this has generally been the focus of the class. Beyond that, Summoners, while now being a T1 class, really **should** have significant utility as well. Sorcs have group DR and procs. Hearts and Shards just don't cut it, and should be reworked to be meaningful and cool.

1) Conjurers: Most of the class is working fine if the primary summoner needs are addressed.

2) Necros: Main extra issue for Necros is that Lifeburn scales very poorly. It needs to be bumped up a metric ton.

B) Sorcerers

1) Warlocks: The changes to CB caps and Focused Casting combine to be a bit of overkill. Long-term this class can't scale well with gear anymore. A few small adjustments are requested.
a) Our Right Side Prestige Conversion "Plaguelord" should grant 1 point of Potency for every 12 points of Potency. We are punished more than others for having more CB than needed, and this conversion makes things worse.
b) Focused Casting should be slightly tweaked still. The Caster's Potency should be increased by 25% of the caster's Base //Potency//, not Crit Bonus. This will help prevent the class from scaling so poorly.

2) Wizards: This class still seems to be a little bit underpowered like Necros. Primarily, the fixes revolve around allowing Fiery Blast to work more reliably. It may be worth looking into allowing the base recast of Fiery Blast to be 2 minutes, but that remains to be seen.


Our utility is really getting the shaft right now. Here are the main things we need fixed.

Illusionists: Must have an improvement to Time Compression AND Time Warp. These abilities are significantly losing value as players approach 100 self-buffed SDA.

Fix Ideas:

1) Time Compression should be able to be cast on anyone regardless of Upbeat Tempo, etc, and give the target potency = to the amount of cast speed the target has, maximum 400 potency.

2) Time Warp should give the group 33% Spell Doublecast and 25% Ability Final Damage for 12 seconds. (Slight increase in duration)

Troubs: Primary issue here is that the Troub is far outmatched by Dirges in terms of VC recording ability AND buffs now.

Fix Ideas:

1) Energizing Ballad: The downtime of this ability makes it significantly inferior to be "improved" compared to Battle Cry. As a result, I'd suggest either greatly increasing how effective it is (by a factor of about 10) or moving the improvement to a different ability.

2) As an alternative, Upbeat Tempo could be improved similarly to how Battle Cry was improved. Perhaps a bit less of an improvement since it would be allowed to stack with Time Compression. Maybe a similar setup though: Target of Upbeat Tempo also gets Potency equal to Cast Speed, maximum 400.

Any other ideas out there?
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