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Armous wrote:

Thanks for your informative reply.  I appreciate your time and effort in helping me/us.  I guess more than dimensions, I'm interested in aspect ratios so that when an item is scaled, the aspect ratio is correct for use with a pre-existing items, like a door for instance.

So, I as I understand it, a door's aspect ratio  (width by height by depth) is 1 wide by 1.5 high by ? thickness (2 meters by 3 meters) and a window opening in a divider panel might be 1 by 1 aspect ration or square.  Since there are no see through windows available, I'd just make the window opening in the divider look like a window so you could see beyond the opening.  

It would be helpful to know the aspect ratio of the divider(s) (and tiles) including thickness.

Thanks again for your help.  BTW, I appreciate the information about fidelity.  I think this information is helpful to everyone when applying textures to the unwarped mesh.

Best regards,

Alrighty - some dimensions! The tall divider is 2meters tall (and wide) by 1/6 of a meter deep. The thin divider is 1meter wide (also 2meters tall) and 1/6 of a meter deep.

The square floor tile is 2x2m with a thickness of 1/21 of a meter (approximately).

The rectangular floor tile is 1m by .5m with a thickness of 1/8 of a meter.

As to the thickness of a door - there is no convention. It can be any depth. In a players home, that depth is usually defined by whatever someone made the neighboring walls out of if the want it flush. Same goes for a window.

Again, I would err slightly larger than these dimensions because if the items/texture look good at this size, they'll only look crisper when players scale them smaller and hold up longer when scaled bigger.

If I didn't answer what you were after, or you'd like to know more, just ask :)

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