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Cakvala wrote:


Everquest 2:

Thanks for your reply.  Obviously the bed sample is an EQ 1 model and may not be appropriate for use in EQ 2 as an example.  I am interested in making stuff for EQ2, and the house item they provide as an example is not useful at all when it comes to scaling and proportions.  I'm mostly interested in proportions or height width ratios because those are fixed even if an item can be scaled up or down.  That is why it is important to know the X, Y, Z measurements of a door and standard tall divider and standard tile.  I understand that the scale is set to a 6' human size.

By the way, imagine someone wants you to build a real house and they give you a bed or a brewer's keg as an example to help you start building the house.  It seems silly to me when other items more useful and or appropriate could be provided.  In real life, you'd have a blueprint to work off of, with all the information to enable the house to be built properly.  When you go to buy doors and windows, they have standard sizes and in order to build your walls so they fit, you'd need to know what those standard dimentions are.

Generally, I find people wanting and willing to be helpful, but often some of the information isn't all that useful, (the "not useful" isn't directed at you btw).

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