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HaohmaruEQ2 wrote:

rollenzekson wrote:

When can we do hats for EQ? I have two made already :p

Hah! Well, we can't say 'never' to anything, as you never, ever, know, but currently it would take quite a bit of work (an understatement!) on our end to get submitted hats to game smoothly - the main problem being how we have to set them up now to work with hair without looking super odd, and the custom meshes we make for monster races (Iksar/Froglok/Sarnak/etc). We also have to ensure they work with every body type (all 30+ of them counting Soga!).

As presented at SOE Live, the plan for PlayerStudio hair for EQ2 was that artists would submit a hair style for one race (male, female, regular, and soga), not for all 20 races in male and female, regular and soga. Otherwise any artist wanting to submit a PlayerStudio hair style (forget hats for a minute) would need to produce 60 versions to be accepted.

In order for us to be able to produce hair styles comparable to the existing in-game styles, we need to be able to add non-hair items such as nose rings, feathers, sticks, etc. Thus, the support should already be there to create and submit hats without SOE having to do anything extra.

What I'm saying is, whenever PlayerStudio opens up to allowing hair styles, I believe it will by its inherent design support hats.

By the way, the #1 thing I heard from anyone I talked to at SOE Live about hair for EQ2 was, people are excited about custom hats with hair (since so many hats remove hair when applied).

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