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So my weekly group is finally finishing the Skyshrine access quests (yes I know we suck). We hit a brick wall with Fire Wizard Valagas in Dracur Prime. The fight was going much like the solo version with him casting his ring of fire and everyone moving to avoid it, then he would wipe all or most of the group with a  65K nuke without warning. Some of the group were getting a message saying they has been hit by "Cataclysm of ..." for 65K (I didn't get the exact name) but for me I was getting no warning of this effect whatsoever. No text, no sound, no graphic, no emote, nothing. My combat window didn't even show that I had been hit or died (though I did get the red text for rez sickness when reviving). I can't imagine this is working as intended. So is it just me or is anyone else getting killed without warning as if the mob was in posession of an "I win" button?

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