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once you get tot he Devourer start seeing these guys. they have an orange buff on them that says they are meditating...and if they finish thier mediation, bad things will happen.

however there's no timer on the buff, there's no spell I'm seeing cast, to stop or hinder them from finishing..and ones they do, yeah. they curse, they incurable stun/stifle thier damage goes up...yeah they become pretty nasty, as I would expect from reading the orange buff. I tried dispelling it, no go. tried every interrupt I had, didn't stop him. at 92 in SS/ST faction gear and jewelry...there was nothing I coudl do to prevent the mediation from completeing..and I certainly couldn't kill him in the like 5-6 seconds you get before he hulks up on you.

aslo the groups of protectors...then piling on 4 detrimentals in the first 2 seconds of combat that turn me into a puddle of goo about 2 secounds later isn't that fun either. even with my paladin cure and pots...I can't cure all dots before they paste me. seems like it's a stackable trauma debuff/dot. I coudl see each one popping it one time in the first few seconds but 2 traumas per mob? geeze does it make you squishy.

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