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I got the hand when i was doing this, but i figured i'd give it a shot at challenge mode anyway. My merc kept getting moved around and since they're too stupid to try and stay behind mobs, ended up eating a frontal before i could turn the mob around, but this was when he was at low yellow health so I got through alright. There was an awful lot of curses in this fight, but half the damage done to me was from raining blow. Not sure which that was, curse or trauma, but it ended up killing me after i'd killed the mob! Chest only had the usual solo end boss stuff in it, 1 chest of goodies and 1 clicky, little bit disappointing, I'd hope something get's added to his loot table considering the difficulty of the fight. On a side note, there were a few mobs sprinkled through the zone that had a ridiculous amount of health, I got 2 dev fist hits of 36 million damage on them, compared to a normal mob where it hit for 5 million damage. The cenobites also had ridiculous amount of health but that might of been intended.
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