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I've been thinking about it for a little while myself...pretty much the same reasons as the OP.  I am mostly in a group now, rarely soloing, and I am MT for every raid I sign up for.  We have a few berserkers, and a couple guardians, but none of them have played enough to get geared up.  The tank just below me, in terms of mitigation, is an alt who would rather play their main.  I am really the only experienced raid MT we have, so I'm thinking it may be better for the guild.  It's tough though...I'm pretty much fully mastered and still have to weigh things like groups of mobs (aggro control ie insolent gibe and many AE attacks) and the occasional soloing VS better defense and slightly better survivability for the raid (assuming we pull 1 group at a time).  Currently our MT group is with a dirge for hate, but I think with the guard we may need coercer too, which we don't have.
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