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any MT zerkers thinking about betrayal guards for eof/ combat lu update? I've always been an advocate of Zerker MT, there's nothing a zerker can't tank a guard can and i've tanked and beaten for my guild raid progression up to tarinx(we don't have another equiped tank w/ 6.5mit). However w/ eof, guard aa's are looking... very guard like i mean i see the best aa's to get rescue/reinforce/tos reduc timers and block/double attack. (double attack/block are debatable and block needs testing, but still those 3 reduc timers are insane) Whereas i can't justify any aa's for a tanking zerker. Along w/ the fact that +skills would seem to make a new difference in this new combat revamp (i.e. c/s/p defense) all the stats a guard buffs, along w/ def , and sta. My situation is unique, my guild has unreliable guards, you know those... while i've been mt and there 99% of the time. It's time to take one for the team. Plus along w/ that i'm a freeport zerker... if i betray i get to choose to be either good/evil(and of course who wouldn't choose good for mith marr? *boggle) so i get to become a qynosian guard who can worship mith marr. The advantages to betray are just too great, if your a guild zerker mt. This along w/ the fact that for our entire we guild we have only 2 reliable warriors, both zerkers, it barely makes sense that we have 2 full time zerkers, zero guards, and the other zerker is a guild leader, you know how much attendance guild leaders rack up , heh.if your a tanking zerker, who's in freeport and your guild has no reliable guards at all... are you thinking about betraying? i have and barring any super wierd aa changes in the next few hours i'll betray. Oh and i've been preparing too, i'm only missing 5masters for my new guard, true enough my zerker was master'd out, and i'm in dt (non relic) gear so i'm gtg from the start really.i'm keeping my aa's as is str/sta 5points in int.ppl have said avoid/buckler line has gone bad w/ eof, i want to see how bad it is.
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