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Well, to add insult to injury, my monk found the needed Blushing Umbrite and continue onward, ending up in imprisoned by the Greenmist crusaders. When I went to fight the level 106, single up arrow Sel'Nok infiltrators, using Bdorn Alehammer as my companion, I only lasted a couple of minutes, until Bdorn was killed. The infiltrator only showed a sliver of damage in his health bar. Using Lady Liae Croae was even worse. She was dead in less than one minute!

As a monk, I've soloed many a level 95+ advanced solo dungeon, killing many level 105 mobs. Based on his health bar, this one I could not even damage! What make it more confusing is that my combat log shows me doing a lot of damage and blocking his attacks!

I tried a third time with Bdorn. This time he seemed to realize that he needed to heal himself, so he stayed alive. After what seemed like five minutes of fighting, I killed one. (I was spamming combat moves like fighting one of the Heroes' quest puppets. The combat log shows me doing tens of thousands of points of damage, compared to being hitting for the tens of hundreds of points in damage. This is unreal. It will take forever to get the needed eight. (The second kill took nine minutes. .... I think it is time to log for the night.)
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