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As it stands, I probably will not do much of either signature line stuff when it goes live.

My Berserker gave up on the crafting when I discovered I needed to commission a bunch of stuff to complete it. I gave up on the combat one when he got one-shotted in the first room of a required dungeon: Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants (Solo) -- Just not worth the effort.

My Monk initiated the crafting, but was put on hold until she could get the right harvests to continue. (Why no harvesting in the Opulus Frontier?) She also will not bother because of the commissioning barrier. (None of my characters have completed Proof of the Pudding for just that reason -- I am the only one left in my guild and I refuse to let it die.)

She just finished up an hour searching for Blushing Umbrite, having only found one! When we go live, I will think long and hard about wasting game time on this quest line. Why is blushing umbrite so hard to see and so heavily guarded? (This is the gateway quest, to lure players in, not scare them off.)

There is the good stuff, like cosmetic garment storage, and such that make the update worth the cost. The art and story lines are also good. There are too many little things that simply seem to be there to impair progress. Blushing Umbrite is just one example, others are mentioned in the many posts here. (Chokidai pups pooping in only one, small area...)
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