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I've actually found the hate siphon of my Hawk Attack quite useful if I'm in a lopsided group where the tank isn't the same tier as the DPS. Plus it doesn't just help me out, helps everyone in the group that isn't a fighter. He doesn't die often either if I tell him to go passive, opposed to melee range of a mob. I put points into lowering its reuse as well, that way if he doesn't die there is only about 3 seconds every use that he isn't up. The 'natures focus' became slightly more useful since they instituted that 'over cap' stuff for weapon skill stats. Not much though, something like 4% damage increase for melee's in the group.

What I would like them to do, which I've been asking for most of the time I have been playing a EQ2 ranger, is adjust that little balance calculator they use. For whatever reason they put way too much value on something being 'ranged' while wearing chain for us thus gimping ranged CA's (compared to melee ones) and making us rely too much on melee CA's for maximum DPS potential. If they're taking requests would be nice if they made melee CA's ranged and work point blank too, except for a few select ones (arrow rip, immobilizing lunge).

And I'm still waiting to see the ammo requirement removed for all ranged weapons or an ammo requirement added for caster auto attack, lest ranged auto attack exist in a state of hypocrisy.

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