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Gkar wrote:

i always wished rangers had more utility, some people dont, thats just my preference.

i wouldnt mind having 4 pets to that would group buff the archetypes based on the pet that was cast. multiple buffs(2 max perhaps). have a pet tree where you can choose what the pet does and how much. the tree doesnt have to be tied to AA. level based points im thinking. 

  • Lion - fighter: + hate, dps increase, + taunt, +defense
  • Bear - priest: - hate, + healing/wards. + spell reuse. + spell recast
  • Wolf - Scout: - hate, + melee, +range
  • Tiger - Mage: -hate, + spell range attack, + spell auto attack, + spell damage 

the options for the pets could be endless for what they could do.

I've answered you in a tell but I thought I would post my thoughts here as well.

There are a couple of fundamental problems with your suggestion. First off, from what little I know about World of Warcraft, this sounds like Rangers as they exist there. The EQ2 Ranger is NOT a pet class, and it shouldn't be. It is supposed to be ranged melee DPS and nothing more. Although as a Ranger, I agree that we do get the short end of the stick as far as utility goes, I don't see making us a pet class being the fix that needs to happen.

Secondly, you've described a scout dps class that provides variable utility to a group or raid based on what pet they select to use. This sounds a lot like the role I expect Beastlords to fill when they are released in just over a month.

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