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Landacet Back after 5 years of no playing time.

So I came back to the game about 2 months ago, right after the whole hacking issue to find out that raid assasins could solo epic x4 mobs in old expansions. That first of all got me excited about what kinda dps we can punch, I am now in La cosa nostra in guk. Former Raid Tank For Keepers of the realm and highest dps for rangers in the server for 4 years in that time.

Rangers still have no utility and have to work hard for dps. Yet there have been signs of improvement, not only are there a couple of rangers that can hit over 300k and squish most assasins but I have seen it myself that i can dish out very high dps even in rygorr, Now as I am beginning to get fable gear and hopeing to get Hardmode I see my dps increase by quite a bit even with no Dirges or Illusionist in group.

Its hard to get our dps to where it should be but its all not bad especially when you know your class, you know your combos and you know your timers and group debuffs. If you have any question regarding what my aa line is or what Combinations i used. Dont hesitate to send me a tell.

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