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delete this thread and quit crying about ranger having a issue... if your a good ranger you would have NO issues with ranger none the less our dps

Way to complain about a thread that is over a year old, even if it is stickied. I'm sure something will come up.

I'll still stand by my grievance that rangers are too melee centric as an aesthetic or personal preference even with their actual perforamnce being good. If I wanted to melee I would have made one of the other 11 melee classes.

Suppose my only hope is SoE gets with the time and makes rangers or some other class (archer maybe) a pure bow option in EQNext. One that doesn't have to deal with ammo or t least freely make their own unending supply of the best arrows available (Vanguard). Of course they could even screw that up by making them a pet class in the process.

arrows are cheap so thats not a issue at all. if your crying about us being to melee centric dont use your melee skills. I can put out about 30k more if i use all of them easily 

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