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Well its not 'weird' but ranger's have outright avoided talking about it because it comes up so much and seen as 'beating a dead horse'. Basically it was well known Aeralik 'favored' assassins, our counterparts. Hopefully we will see some change now. We asked for more DPS or more utility a long time ago to balance things out and what we got was a group MELEE buff when rangers are usually in a caster group (from what I can tell) for IA. Awesome for the troubs i guess.... Rangers DON'T want more utility over more DPS, but if they outright to refuse to bring our DPS up to par to balance things, then we need more utility to balance. But to be clear, we want more DPS over more utility. Also being able to do sub par DPS out of melee range doesn't count as utility imo. unless they want to add a butt ton of fights where people MUST stay at range, like how they added more AE fights for AE oriented classes to shine. Know what the real pain of it is? We could put out the same numbers as an assassin, and STILL be behind them in terms of balance. Honestly I think looking at rangers on their own they are pretty well rounded, unfortunately when directly compared to other classes they come up short. Only time I put out numbers I think rangers should be at all times is in the off-tank group which usually includes a dirge, coercer, and a templar. Unfortunately a ranger brings nothing to the group as a OT group while assassin brings hate. Hopefully if buffs become more raid wide the problem will kind of fix itself.
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