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My personal feedback from this year.

The bling, bling (good news)

MCs :  Brasse was absolutetly the best MC that I've seen for Fan Faire.  Funny, entertaining, knowledgeable, and kept the pace going.  Jace had some good lines, and I enjoyed his part, but I felt that he wasn't as polished and as much of a stage presence as I was thinking he would.  It could be that he was just vastly outdone by the amazing dwarf.  I would like to see both of them back next year.

SOE employess :  Seemed to really dig and support their games.  All of the ones I talked to, both in panels and wandering around, seemed geniually interested in feedback and ideas for their games and just all-around discussing them.   The majority of them put out a good vibe that was enjoyable to be around.

Pool party :  Definetely a must-have.  Big turnout, great entertainers (fire dancer, dj, and my personal favorite:  the model in the bubble) and a solid night of entertainment.  I do wish I could of left my badge up in my room (had to go get it) and just used my wristband to get around and not worrying about my badge getting stolen while I was in the pool.

Platinum pass (here and below, however) :  It was great to get it in advance.  Only having to line up for to get the goodies in the opening day was nice.  I thought the cutout on the pass was a good choice to ensure people only got their fair share of the bags.  I also like getting a fancier (gold colored) shirt over those who did not the plat pass.

Giveaways :  The items that were given away (laptop, headphones, visa cards, art) were all ones that I was really hoping that I would win.

Costume contest :  It seemed much more fair this year, and the winners more deserving.  Costumes seemed great, and the display on stage was entertaining (more Brasse handiwork).


The not so shiny (bad news)

Platinum pass :  I'm not sure that the pass lived up to all that it was supposed to be.  Other than a different looking shirt and extra ingame item, I'm not sure what I got that a guildmate who only got a gold pass didn't already get.  It seemed like just about everyone was a platinum badge, so the lines were just as long as ever.  The platinum lounge was virtually dead and not very tempting.

Karoakee :  Live band seemed to be a better choice last year.  It seemed to be a big miss this year and people didn't get into it as much.

Tables :  A huge problem, and seems to always be.  One of the biggest is that people "reserve" their whole table and don't want anyone else sitting there.  I felt bad for the people who had to wander around and beg for seats.  At my table, people I was sitting there with insisted that they needed to save 3 seats for guildmates.  Those 3 were empty for most of the banquet, and one remained empty the entire time. 

Schedule board :  There should be a main schedule board for everyone to see what is going on for the entire day.  Not many of us like carrying around the schedules (or have an Iphone).

Vendors :  The vendors that were there were all great and should be back but overall the numbers were far too sparse.  I'm disapointed that there weren't more.  I'd like to see the entire main room filled with vendors that all relate to our favorite Sony games, gaming hardware, etc.


Suggestions :

Keep the platinum pass, but make it mean more.  Make them more rare (limited number, first come first serve).

Reserve tables for final banquet when you register for Fan Faire.  This should come as a first come, first served deal as well.  IE, if I'm the first person to sign up for Fanfaire, I get first choice of where I want to sit.  I can "save" up to 10 seats as well for the next 10 days that my guildmates can choose to sit at.  After that, the seats are fair game.  I don't want to have to miss out on panels or camp in line just to make sure I can get a table. 

Do the drawings and announcements for winners earlier, maybe at 8:30.  After that, then get with the regular closing ceremonies, costume contest, etc.

Keep the general room open earlier, later, and open the entire time.  8am-3am timeframe.

Keep it up with the Phat Loot store.  Much better and more game specific items than last year, and it can keep getting better.

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