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I'll put my feedback here as well then.

Of course the best parts were the people I went there to hang with and meet.

Most of the panels I went to were good. (Most of the eq2 ones, and the Magic tactics one). I was disappointed with the class mechanics panel though, I thought they would actually discuss changes they were thinking about making. Instead it was just another Q&A.

I didnt buy a Plat pass, and I'm happy about that, they really did not get thier money worth, and I think they deserve a small refund. I did hear that there was a lot of constructive talk about that during the FF feedback panel, which is good.

I also agree with the above posters about the lack of vendors this year, and the overall energy levels.

Now my biggest complaints...(all of which happened at the closing ceremonies)

Jace was an absolutely horrible MC, hes not funny, he didnt get the crowd into it (except for the boo'ing him part). I was sitting in the very back, and there was almost a constant stream of people just walking out moving thier hands in the talking too much motion.  I suggest next year have it just be Brasse, or I really enjoyed the speaker for the Magic tactics panel and LON panels, (sorry I forgot his name, but he works at the Denver branch)

Also, for the teams that won the live quests...There was only one prize for each team? That was extremely lame. If I would have been up there I would have just walked off stage and said F* it.

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