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I hate to say it - but... 'meh'.

Two overland zones that are likely (not replacing the current) alternate versions of the existing ones with a new color palette and mobs.  And Ferrott being one of my LEAST favorite zones for travel in the entire game? Meh.

Three new levels that will take 15 levels worth of previous tiered experience to accomplish (see 90-92) so that I can get upgrades to spells like I normally would at those tiers with minor power boosts? Meh.

Tradeskills - see above.

I do like new instances - but we are likely looking at three groups of three zones (possibly scaled) like you have with the previous blocks of Miragul, CL zones, etc.  Nothing overly revolutionary there.

Mention of 'events' that raiders can participate in but nothing regarding raid zones themselves ... that is worrisome even though I'm not a hard-core raider. Meh.

There isn't a single element that jumps out at me as I must have and I play ALL types of content - I enjoy solo'ing, grouping with friends and raid twice a week.  I'll buy the expansion because my friends still play and they seem more excited about it than I am - and I like them anyway.  But if it were just me playing, mostly solo, this would be a pass.

With all of that said - I thought the 'game changing' announcement from Smed was today and the Producer Letter was tomorrow based on the time line I read.  I'm *really* hoping this isn't the game changing message because, simply, it isn't.

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