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Just a heads up to all the mages saying the agro balancing between classes is good, bringing more on par with sorc agro, just remember on raids the tank holding agro over you is greatly helped right now by all these agro transfers being hit. This change means less hate for tank and more deaths for you. I understand the sorc issue that is making them mad. Heck I am leveling a wizard now myself and I see the issue, I also see ways around the issue if you actually use items in game and AAs presented to you. These agro changes will end up hurting raids a lot. Tanks will be getting much, much less hate help from the scouts and coercers and in turn will end up killing much more dps heavy classes. If the devs insist on doing agro changes, please allow for a character copy to test so that raid guilds can come over and test these out heavily on raids, and possibly leave this on test till 38 giving a great amount of time to make sure the changes are done in a way that doesnt greatly affect players experiences in a negative way.
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