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RedRockCandy! wrote:
Wow holy crap! In EQ1 monks are tanks too?! In EQOA Monks are the BEST Melee class in the game.

Hehe. I played EQOA too was kinda [Removed for Content] that Monks were tanks in this game after coming from EQOA to EQ2. Also  disappointed that Shaman classes didn't get pets like in EQOA. But I'm staying around until combat revamp. If combat revamp sucks then I hopefully will be beta testing Vanguard or DDO by then and won't give a rats [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] about this game anymore.
__________________'s just an update for the patch to fix the nerf that nerfed the fix for the update of the patch that broke the fix that was fixed on the previous nerf they called an update...

Friends don't let friends ask for another classes nerf.
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