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Kreton wrote:

Gothun wrote:

You wouldn't have to do anything to the Spiritwrath prestige ability as far as increasing the duration of the debuff etc if you would just change the spell used to Imprecate, which has a 1.5 second recast, which makes the duration on the debuff effect more than enough time.

Imprecate takes even longer to cast.  And with all the different control effects in encounters, the duration itself is way too short to lose something so tedious to maintain every 10s.

You make it sound like it takes ten seconds to cast or something. In all honestly, I understand time is precious when you're in an encounter but as far as control effects go etc, that's why there's this thing called Voice of the Ancestors. One second to cast every ten seconds sounds near perfect to me, I mean I don't recall exactly what the debuff is but stacked ten times, it's better than either of our stat debuffs, and if not then it's pretty close. It's a good mechanic as a whole, just the wrong ability to use it on like most of the other people have said.

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