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It really doe not matter - play the one you enjoy the most because even if you think you have the current FOTM alpha class two things are going to happen:

1.) Your going to run into one or more people that can destroy you solo or even solo vs your 2-3 players on a class that you have been told cannot pvp well.  

2.) SOE will change the mechanics/gear/ or some other thing that changes your FOTM class to mid range or balanced or even bottom barrel for the next year or two.

Of the classes you listed they all generally solo and grp well if played right and can be deadly in the hands of a good player but there is always going to be someone better than you.

If your planning on playing solo go with a scout - track has proved invaluable during extreme luls in server population. As Exur pointed out Brigs (and scouts in general) ahve great utility for pvp - track, snares, mana/vitality poisones/ etc that can help control the battle in their favor (all these can be countered though to varying degrees with pots/signets/clickys/class skills etc).

The game is really best enjoyed in a grp/grp+ pvp/e manner IMHO though. Best of luck with the game.

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