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Okay, lots of feedback here. Right side seems to be boring and underpowered - got it! The only thing here is that the point of Spiritwrath is supposed to be stacking the debuff. I like the idea that you might cast the ability often early in a longer fight to get the debuff to maximum increments and then only cast it periodically for the rest of the fight to maintain it. We'll probably make some changes to emphasize that mechanic.The feedback on Wraithwall is more confusing to me. Do we agree that the lower health threshold is a benefit? Unwardable damage aside, no one will die with Wraithwall active on them. It won't be wasted on minor damage that is easily heal-able by procs, group heals, ect, so it'll always be there when you need it. As far as I can see, removing the 20% health threshold would be a nerf! The enhances definitely need some work, though.

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