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Not that they haven't already made two great games without our input but the sooner we can get in on what decisions they're making the sooner we can tell them what we want as a community. Though in all honesty, I liked EQ2 at release, before they had all our feedback a bit more than I do now.

Just thinking about things like death penalty (turning into a ghost and all), the rate at which you level, stuff like that just made it feel more EQ1ish. But now days there is no penalty for death and you can get a character to max level in a single day. The game we have today wasn't the game they released 7 years ago, its the game they've changed over the years to appease the noisiest of the populace.

So on one hand I'd love to tell them what we want as a community but on the other hand, I'm not sure it's such a good thing. Feels like over the years we've all gone from hardcore gamers to instant gratification monsters. I guess what I'm saying is that; I wish I could give them just my feedback and nobody elses ;D

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