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DarkelfOften wrote:

There is no need to bash freebloods they are my favorite race next to highelf have the most detail, and are the most unique in the game. I always wanted to play a vampire in a MMO outside of forsakenworld, you know in a real MMO, also one thats not totaly designed around vampires.

Half elfs are a cool comprmise for some but I dont like the idea of interspecies relationships required to make them. Not interacial but interspecies. Wood elves and humans together give me the creeps. Yet the half elves themselves are alright.

Everyone who has responded is not 'bashing' freebloods anymroe then you are bashing the other races. it is your oppinon that freebloods are the best since sliced bread and some are happy for you but do not share your oppinon.

freebloods are a only solution for those that care how people see their toons and actually like the look of freebloods.

Untill they make it so SOGA/legacy models are both loaded at once and toons are given a prefered personal model rendering priority (with other clients having an override option) no true solution exists.

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