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There is no need to bash freebloods they are my favorite race next to highelf have the most detail, and are the most uniqe in the game. I always wanted to play a vampire in a MMO outside of forsakenworld, you know in a real MMO, also one thats not totaly designed around vampires.

My male freeblood is handsome and my female freeblood is uniqe, with a elegant bazzarly apealing cat woman like bone structure. Fey is also a option but they lack as much detail, though they are really pretty non the less. I have a good and evil fey because I like them so much.

Elves and fey are really what I prefer to play in a MMO, also vampires aprently. I also like eudirites, they can be very pretty and sweet faced in soga. Also they are uniqe. I have tried other races but usally end up deleiting them before 20.

The barb female in soga with blond hair reminds me of someone I use to know well but never really liked, to visious, the legacy reminds me of my old high school gym teacher with blond hair and a tan because of the nose I think, all she needs is a whistle around her neck. EQ1 barbs are pretty but there armor choices are ugly.

 Gnomes have that ugly big nose thing going and halflings are fat. Dwarfs remind me of sinister little men, and kind of freak me out. Female ogres are passible in soga but the legacy version makes me litrally gag, so they are out.

Female trolls look like the thing that came out of the bath tub in the shinning with pointy ears, so a big no there, would actully give me nightmares. (Incidentally the black lavastorm lizard you can tame as a warder has a face like that horrible thing from the movie insidious, I literally hear the dancing through the tulips song when looking at it, and whats worse is the thing smiles at you, *Shivers*).

What to say about the antromorphic animal races? Iskar, are cool, I lvled one to 20 before deleting it, but I just never could relate to talking animals enough to play them.

Same thing with the tigers. Therrrr great, but still would not want to play one. I take my fantasy seriously.

Ratagona remind me of a cruder version of the wind and the williows type thing, which could have been charming ( magic talking animals) but did not make it in this case. I really prefer them as npcs in any case.

I wonder how many froglocks are named after mister toad from toad hall? They should have a motor car as a racial mount. Just kidding lol.

Half elfs are a cool comprmise for some but I dont like the idea of interspecies relationships required to make them. Not interacial but interspecies. Wood elfs and humans together give me the creeps. Yet the half elfs themselves are alright.

Also I dont understand why there own wood elf mothers or fathers would not love and care for them. If they are supposed to be so accepting why would the half elfs be misfits or outcasts and not welcome in wood elf socity? It is the kinky wood elf mother or fathers fault after all.

My favorite race in eq1 are the dragon people, I like there look though it should have been updated and bad combat animations. Dont give me snarlak, they are totaly antromorphic, unlike the draconic people of eq1.

You know I miss cerescent reach but the only reason I really mostly stoped playing eq1 was the lack of aperence armor choices for the characters.

They actully look better as thery are when you first create them before you equip armor, in the cloths the come with. If that was a option to hide armor I would return to eq1 part time. The only exception is wood elf rangers they look good in there eq1 armor.

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