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DarkelfOften wrote:

Soga or legacy solution, roll a freeblood because:

1. Firstly they look the same to everyone as far as I can tell there is no alt apearence, you can be sure you charcter will be seen as you intended.

2. Secondly they have better character design, for exsample, you can actully see there indivegual toes on there feet and there is more detail to there body and face.

3.  You have a second apearence option with demon form so you can look pretty or frightening depending on your mood.

1) if people are so bothered by others seeing them as bald and not as intented they can set up an alternate apperance, personally i dont care if i'm seen in a SOGA model.

2) they have better design because you have to fork out $20 to even play as one

3) It's basically just fluff

Freebloods aren't all positives i remeber a thread specificly outlined issues with the creation and customization one slider was affecting another aspect resulting in less customization then any of the other races.

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